Adwokat Katowice


Adwokat Piotr Bańczyk

Procedural Law – We specialise in conducting litigations in courts of law, in particular in civil, commercial, administrative and criminal cases. Our expertise in procedural law includes a specialisation in enforcement proceedings.

Civil Law – We specialise in the law of obligations, with a particular emphasis on civil law contracts, property rights and inheritance law. Accidents and other events that lead to claims for compensation and satisfaction are an area of particular expertise. We provide legal assistance by representing clients in proceedings before insurance companies, courts and enforcement agencies.

Criminal Law – We specialise in criminal law, and particularly in cases related to business transactions, both in terms of adjective and substantive law.

Family Law – We specialise in particular in matters related to marriage annulment under canon law and claims for alimony. Here we provide legal assistance on the basis of canon law in cooperation with Vinculum, a canon law firm based in Cracow.

Economic and Commercial Law – This includes an emphasis on the law as it relates to commercial companies and partnerships, particularly in connection with their organisation, formation and transformation. This is one of several areas of law that we work with on a daily basis, and we have a detailed practical knowledge of the issues involved.

Transport Law – This is another of our specialist areas. We are experienced in the application of transport law and associated legislation, particularly in relation to domestic and international routes and to typical and oversized shipments.

Property Law – This is one of our main areas of expertise, in particular in the area of real estate. In this regard we work closely with civil law notaries, including the Office of Civil Law Notary Katarzyna Stencel in Katowice.

Tax Law – In connection with our specialisation in the field of civil law, including inheritance law and family law, we also provide legal assistance in the area of tax law, ensuring clients receive a comprehensive service which meets all their needs.

Employment Law – Both individual and collective employment law are areas in which we specialise. We provide consultations and legal advice, draw up legal opinions, and represent employees as well as employers before the courts and Poland’s National Labour Inspectorate.