Adwokat Katowice

About Us

Adwokat Piotr Bańczyk

We have a wealth of knowledge and many years’ experience in applying the law and organising the provision of legal assistance.

Every case we receive is given top priority. We pay particular attention to ensuring full communication with the client in all matters relating to their case. Consultation and the provision of information are a permanent feature of our work, and the access clients are given to information at every stage ensures the help we give is effective. 

This combination of experience and expertise and our client-oriented approach are the most important factors enabling us to accomplish our mission, which is to provide legal assistance that affords optimal and efficient protection of clients’ interests while maintaining an individual approach to each case committed to our care.

Our main objective is to protect our clients’ legal security and promote their success, which we achieve by providing services such as: 

- Representation before the courts, particularly in civil and commercial cases, and before administrative courts

- Representation before criminal courts

- Provision of consultations and advice

- Provision of legal opinions

We are part of the law firm Piotr Bańczyk & Partners, and work in close cooperation with the Office of Civil Law Notary Katarzyna Biodrowicz in Katowice.